Monday, April 8, 2013

Sitting out a Tourney

Well Played a $500.00 freeroll Tourney today there was 128 players paid top 25 players . It ended up being 27 left when I had to go to work, but I had just built up a huge stack .It Was 3x bigger than the biggest stack so I was chip Leader ugh, and had to go to work .So I left the Computer on hoping To get deep LOl . When I got home and looked I had Placed 4th LOL for $42.50 top place paid $100.50 So not too bad from not playing and beating another 23players lol . I imagine a lot of the players were fighting over stealing my blinds and got their selves  in trouble with other players. The cash tables I am still struggling a bit and they just wiped out my player base on one of the poker sites because they classified me as an advance player so separated me from normal players how stupid is that. Time to find another poker site I guess. Sorry I don't really have much more to write about .
                           thanks For reading Chris.

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